Do you have clarity on where your business is now, and where you are going?

You may have an ambitious growth plan, but is it sustainable?

Is what you are focusing on now increasing the value of your business?



Every Community business is unique and complex, and sometimes key stakeholders and business owners find it difficult to set aside time to analyse their business and plan for the future.

The Discovery Session is a chance for you to sit down and dedicate time to understanding the financial position of your business, both now and into the future. We will facilitate your journey to discovering what drives the financial performance of your business, and the impact it has on profitability, cash flow and enterprise value.

Financial Discovery

“One of the best investments we have ever made”

Nelson Kilbey, Farm & Stable


The Financial Discovery Roadmap

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Financial Healthcheck

A financial snapshot of your business, highlighting key ratios and trends, to clearly identify your true financial drivers and ratios to track going forward.

Working Capital Analysis

Working Capital Analysis

Analyse your growth

aspirations in conjunction

with current-year

projections, to assess the

impact it will make on

working capital and cash

requirements and identify

the sustainable growth

rate for your business.

Business Value

Business Value 

With your sustainable

growth rate and targets

confirmed, explore the

impact this will make

on your business value,

and which results have

the biggest impact, to

maximise your return

on investment.

true drivers

True Drivers™

Discover your True

Drivers™, those few

metrics that will make

the biggest difference

in your business. Then

work to make your lead

measures accurate, clear

and visible to the team,

to drive results and meet

your growth aspirations.

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