The State of Play is the first step to inviting UBTA with you on your journey to financial prosperity, or to manage and continue your existing success.  

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Why State of Play?

The purpose is to fast-track the depth of relationship between UBTA and your business for an accurate assessment of long-term compatibility, and alignment of objectives moving forward, designed to facilitate a seamless transfer from your previous accountant to us. 
  • Review the current situation of your business including a Financial Health Check to ascertain the health of your figures.
  • Look at what is planned for the future of the business and ask; Are we well prepared? Discuss possible improvements and opportunities.
  • The State of Play also allows an obligation-free assessment of compatibility for both parties for an ongoing working relationships.

Business Issues covered in the state of play review

Financial Health & Reporting

  • Review of Financial Reports and other business information
  • Does the financial reporting meet the needs of the business?
  • Financial Health Check to assess current state

Business Plans and Outlook

  • Where are your aspirations?
  • How well are we prepared for the future?
  • Opportunity to raise any other questions or issues.

Tax Structuring Review

  • Is the current structure efficient?
  • Could there be any improvements?

Follow-up care

  • Detailed written report of findings and reccomendations
  • Follow-up conference call

What's included

  • Review of your financial reports and other business information
  • Analysis Report
  • Site visit to your premises (travel permitting)
  • Detailed written report of findings and recommendations
  • Follow-up conferencing call
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